Cash In up to 30 % Yield by holding CASHETS™ in the Infinity Vault of Utopian Global

What is CASHETS™?

What is Infinity Vault?

How does the Infinity Vault function?

How does the Infinity Vault Yield Program Work?

How is my yield from the Infinity Vault paid out?

How does CASHETS™ verify that the assets perform?

What if I want to pull out my money before my investment matures?

What do you, a CASHETS holder, get out of this?

  • Access to investments in real assets.
  • Asset backed digital instruments in a market that is dominated by tokens lacking intrinsic value.
  • Access to transformational commodities, assets and projects.
  • Liquidity in an otherwise illiquid market.
  • Future liquidity in a secondary market.
  • An evergreen vehicle that reinvests all or a large part of the cash flow from operations into new opportunities.
  • The ability to withdraw distributions of profits based on the number of CASHETS™ held in Infinity Vault.

How do you become a Utopian Global member?

How do our investment strategies work?

Production Procurement Income Strategy

Development Procurement Income Strategy

Transit Trade Income Strategy

Amortized Structured Income Strategy

Hybrid Opportunistic Income Strategy

How is the supply of CASHETS™ tokens managed?

  1. Cryptocurrency is accepted or Fiat is used to purchase the CASHETS™.
  2. CASHETS™ are minted or distributed against new projects and assets fund raising. When CASHETS™ are redeemed for cryptocurrency or fiat, they are immediately burned when the payout request is being processed.
  3. For distribution of yields/profits to CASHETS™ holders.

How do we guarantee the transparency of CASHETS™?

  • CASHETS™ will be issuing quarterly newsletters to provide various updates in the market, areas of active involvement, as future plans.
  • Through weekly webcasts conducted by the Utopian Global platform, CASHETS™ team will discuss various aspects of industries, strategies, assets and plans with the participants.
  • Half yearly and yearly financial extracts will be provided to give financial transparency on the performance of CASHETS™.

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