Potential Metaverse VR Applications — What may or may not work

Let’s all agree on something; the metaverse pitched to us is a virtual reality where people can have the full experience of services in real life like shopping, travel, cuisine.

If reality is experienced through the 5 senses, then the conventional application of the metaverse, which is VR, will simply be an attempt to replace these 5 senses.

Taking this thought process a step forward, you now have a large pool of ideas to work with. Here’s what we came up with.


Virtual Shopping

This application comes off as the easiest to digest. Online shoppers can have a more embodied experience than online browsing. You could step into a virtual sneakers store and try some new kicks on. Seeing how a product actually looks before heading to the store could be a huge benefit to shoppers.

When it comes to virtual shopping experiences, Shopify, hosting e-commerce platform, leads the way with its acquisition of AR app Primer, supported by Apple’s ARKit platform.

This app helps users test out paint and design options on the walls of their house with a phone. Shopify also has a feature that allows sellers to model their storefronts in a 3D environment.

Credits: @lucabravo

Virtual Travel

Not sure whether you want to go to Maldives or Hawaii? How about a 15-minute virtual experience, where you can look at the famous attractions so you can decide.

In Dubai, Atlantis the palm has it’s own viewing virtual tour before you decide to visit by circleonestudios.com.

And that trip to Maldives can be experienced virtually too with a walk across the sand and a fine sea view. Right now, that tour can be experienced through www.visitmaldives.com

While these are great, the ideal vision could be tours experienced on a VR headset, not through a computer.

Virtual Security Cameras

If a 2D camera doesn’t offer enough detail, you could buy yourself some peace of mind with a more advanced system and VR capabilities.

So far, as per our last search, the internet has not yielded anything substantial but this could be a space in the future.


Virtual concerts are a space in the metaverse that has frequently been talked about. Many artists have performed in the virtual space, with tech platforms like Roblox hosting the event.

Some notable virtual concerts include Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, both performing on Fortnite’s platform.

Caption: @jdent

Real estate in the metaverse

That’s right. You can buy virtual property in the metaverse. Since Jan 2021, the average price of a parcel (of real estate) is now approximately 12,684 $. This is upwards of a 1000% from 1,265$.

(This is the average price from across 4 major metaverses)

Prices can run much higher. In Nov 2021, it was reported that a Canadian investment firm (tokens.com) purchased a piece of land worth 2.43 million $ with a space of 6,090 feet. The piece of land was bought from Decentraland, a popular metaverse today.

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The first fully transparent digital asset platform that generates constant cash flow from income producing assets. www.utopianglobal.com

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